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Our Story

Get to Know Us a Bit Better

Back2health was founded in 1995 by Chris Dowson after qualifying as a Sports Massage therapist and later graduated from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in 1999. With an understanding of body energy, Back2Health therapy was designed to not only provides a relaxing and pleasurable experience, but to work long after your session has ended. The effects of Zero Balancing generates an active and conscious state of well-being. To put it simply you just feel great! 


People experiencing Back2Health therapy have reported that it has helped or has eliminated the following conditions:

  • General stress and anxiety

  • Many forms of back and joint pain

  • Common conditions such as frozen shoulder and Tennis Elbow

  • Phobias and other anxieties

  • Bereavement and post traumatic stress

  • Focus and concentration 

  • Anger and frustration

  • Depression

  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

What this therapy can also help with it that nagging feeling that something isn't quite right. With just one treatment you can banish these feelings and replace them with a glow of positive well-being.

Book an appointment today and see what we can do for you or your loved ones.

Jane Alexander - Telegraph

"My (zero balancing) session was heavenly. I found myself in an almost meditative state and came off the couch feeling different – lighter, easier in my body and preternaturally calm in my mind. Best of all, as I walked away from Walters's house I suddenly realised something had changed. I was no longer limping, no longer in pain. My knee was just fine."

Where to find us

Chris operates from two clinics. When booking your appointment please inform us of your preferred location when making your booking.

Dealing with health issues can be a difficult situation. You shouldn’t have to go it alone. Back2Health offers certified, highly skilled, and experienced care and always has its patients’ best interests and wellbeing at heart. Schedule an appointment today.


Chris at Home Clinic

McTimoney and Zero Balancing therapist

Chris is an experienced and talented therapist -  Our Home clinic is ideal for anyone wanting a relaxed informal setting for treatment. Home clinic is open Monday/Tuesday mornings, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.


Burnham Street, Nottingham, NG5 2FD


Chris from Tiger Boe

McTimoney and Zero Balancing therapist

If you’re looking for a Nottingham City centre location then Tiger Boe offers an excellent clinic environment when booking please ask for an appointment with Chris Dowson. Chris works from Tiger Boe on Monday and Tuesday afternoons


No longer available at Tiger Boe. Please call or text 07990 536552


Chris at Leicester Clinic

McTimoney and Zero Balancing therapist

Offering the same McTimoney & ZB expertise from the Syston Clinic in Leicester - Clinic held on Wednesdays only. If you want to see Chris here please let Chris know when you call.


4 Brookbridge Court, 1189 Melton Road, Syston, Leicester, LE7 2JT

Find Out More: Meet the Team

About Chris

Over 20 years of experience helping patients get better

Zero Balancing - 2010

McTimoney College of Chiropractic - 1999

Sports Massage - 1995

Having worked with the McTimoney technique, as taught to me at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, Chris realised that his patients physical problems often had emotional and/or psychological elements to them and chose to move away from Chiropractic. Around this time Chris was introduced to Zero Balancing which addresses both the energetic and structural aspects of the human body. This truly original therapy created US Osteopathic Physician, Acupuncturist and Rolfer Dr Fritz Smith, MD was the perfect vehicle to treat both mind and body.

Chris has found that, by combining this therapy with his knowledge of the McTimoney technique, patients recover faster and have longer lasting benefits.

"By treating body, mind and spirit, this is a truly holistic treatment, which would be difficult for someone only qualified in one discipline to achieve."

Chris is fully qualified and experienced in the McTimoney technique, qualified sports masseur and  Zero Balancer and is fully insured. Chris is also a third degree black belt in Lau Gar Kung Fu and a red belt in Dian Xue (Dim Mak) and is one of the few people in the world that is allowed to teach this system.

Chris has been a keen sportsman for over 35 years and uses his technique to treat sports injuries too.

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